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The Brides of Dracula are three of Dracula female minions in the indie comic of Santa vs Dracula


The three follow the usual color scheme of blonde, red-head and brunette. Though the red-headed one is shown to have freckles on her face and arms and the brunette has a darker color then her fellow brides suggesting she might be Latino in nature.

When first seen they wear black skimpy outfits like halter tops and boots. Later in the story when they help invade Dracula, they're dress in more elf like wear, largely as Drac's joke to mock Santa when he takes over his position.


Due to their limited role, only small bits of their personality are shown. The blonde clearly is the leader of the three seen when she's the one that unzip the bag holding the wolf transformed abominable snowman and leading the attack on Kate, Santa's wife. The red-headed bride is possibly the youngest of the three being the shortest and seen at the start being drunk at the bar of the yacht in the room the other monsters are seen in.