Dracula's Brides (Count Dracula BBC)


Great Performances: Count Dracula (1977)


Susie Hickford, Belinda Meuldijk and Sue Vanner


Undead, deceased

Dracula's Brides are vampires from the 1977 BBC Great Performances rendition of Count Dracula. They are played by Susie Hickford, Belinda Meuldijk and Sue Vanner


The brides wear frilly white dresses, both while moving around and sleeping in their coffins. As in the book, two are brunettes while one is completely blonde. They seem normal enough, but when going to feed, they're eyes changed to completely red and their fangs become much more noticeable.


The brides in this incarnation seem rather playful along with being flirtatious. Even having a rather calm relationship with their master rather then a antagonistic one as displayed within the book. However beneath the playful side are monstrous natures that lust for blood and have no qualms where it comes from, including a newborn baby.


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The three brides appears before Harker.

The brides are first seen as Harker is writing a letter to Mina. They appear before him, giggling and playing keep away with his letter while working their spell to daze him into a stupor.

"Go on, yours is the right to begin"

Once done, they proceed to kiss him as they prepare to drain him. Dracula however appears before they can and order them to leave Harker be as he still needs him for his transaction to London, though promises the girls they can have Harker when he's done with him. To appease the girls till then, he points to a bag on the floor which contains a baby within.


The brides eagerly go to it and Harker watches in horror as they showcase their true forms and feed on the baby before blacking out. Not long after Harker makes to escape the castle and comes upon the vampires resting place.
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The monstrous beauties all rest in their coffins.

The brides all rest with their eyes open and react to his presence but as its daylight cannot move. After Harker encounters Dracula he flees the castle, costing the brides their meal.


The brides come to claims their new "sister", Mina.

Late in the movie, the heroes chase after Dracula to prevent her from turning into a vampire. Helsing and Mina split from the group and follow another path to Dracula's castle. However as they set up camp near the castle, the brides appear, either on orders from Dracula to retrieve Mina or coming across the two while out hunting. Sensing the vampirism in Mina they beckon her to join them, calling her their "sister". Helsing makes a circle around Mina and fills it with holy wafers, preventing the vampires from getting close to the two. The brides turn more monstrous as they continue to try and reach Mina before disappearing into mist. As the sun rises, Helsing leaves Mina to rest and locates the brides resting ground, driving a stake into each of their hearts which Mina feels due to her vampiric connection.