Duck Dodgers was a 2003 39 episode TV series based on the old Loony Toons shorts. Its was a modern update on the character and hopefully the Loony Tunes franchise as a whole.

The vampires in question are from a episode called I'm Gonna Get You Fat Sucka. Duck Dodgers and his eager young space cadet (Porky) comes to a planet on what they think is an embassy mission. In truth its a trap set by Count Blood Count, to feed on them. Blood Count considers Cadat a more fullfilling meal of Dodgers. So he hypnotize Dodgers into his servent and sends him to capture Cadet and bring him to the count. Dodgers tries a variety of plans, but all seem to backfire in some form or another. This such plan invovled luring Cadet into a room where three vampire women wait to attack him. But it backfires as the women find the Cadet charming and let him go unharmed.


The long haired vampire in Duck Dodgers.


The short hair brunette vampire in Duck Dodgers


The spider hatted vampire from Duck Dodgers