Tania (Isobel Black) bites the vampire hunter (Clifford Evans).

Tania (Isobel Black) is the young female vampire in.The Kiss of the Vampire, also known as Kiss of Evil, 1963 British vampire film made by the film studio Hammer Film Productions. The film was directed by Don Sharp and was written by producer Anthony Hinds credited under his writing pseudonym John Elder.



Tania has bown hair and she uses long dresses night-gowns and sometimes capes. Color red in her clothes may mean blood, sex and evil. On the other hand, she dies in a long white gown of the vampire cult she belongs with.


Tania, the teenage member in the vampire cult of Dr Ravna (Noel Willman),  enjoys her vampirism and shows sadistic tendencies toward the captured hero  Gerald Harcourt (Edward de Souzaby scratching his skin with her nails. Although her human parents, who live in the village, care about her - her mother mourns her deeply and her inn-keeper father, fearing that Ravna would hurt Tania, does not dare to warn Gerald and his wife Marianne (Jennifer Daniel)  - she doesn´t show any sign of missing them.